Scholarships for Writers of Color

Scriptwriting Scholarship

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“People really do not like it when you decide to step off the road and climb the mountain instead. It seems to make even the people who mean well nervous.” 
— Shonda Rhimes

The Gotham Scriptwriting Scholarship is open to people of color who have an interest in writing scripts for movies, TV shows, or plays. Any level of experience is fine. All we ask is the desire to write scripts. Three scholarships will be offered.

Each scholarship includes: 

Acceptance is open to all people of color, age 18 and up. At least one spot will be rewarded to a Black applicant. 

Once accepted, Gotham will do a consultation to help guide the writer with their initial course selection. 

There is no time limit on when all the courses must be completed. 

Applications will be accepted December 1 – February 15.

Winners will be announced by mid March. All applicants will be notified.


2022 Winners

Daniel de Abreu
Jordan Sese
Shanice Anderson Tchamambe
Vanessa Tirok

The scholarship is currently closed.