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#GWStoriesEverywhere Contest

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Each month we invite you to share a very short story for a chance to win a free class. Your story must be no longer than 25 words, will be inspired by what you see, know, or do, and should relate in some way to the monthly theme. Stories can be true or made up. 

July's theme is “Weary traveler.” 

For tips on crafting a winning entry, read this helpful guide

And find our archive of winning entries (we've been running this contest since 2015!) here


- Entry must be original and unpublished

- Entry must be no longer than 25 words

- Entries will be judged on originality, quality, spelling, and grammar

- Gotham will post the winning entry at and on social media 

- Winner receives a free Gotham class of their choosing, excluding any premium classes (Zoetrope Fiction, Business Writing, Level III)